The Weather Station – Thirty

Unearthing pleasant concert surprises, especially openers, are one of my favourite things. I had the pleasure of going to another gig at The Winspear Centre in Edmonton a couple nights ago, which I would argue has some of the best acoustics I’ve ever heard in any given venue anywhere in the world. Bahamas was the main ticket, but I was ecstatic to hear an exceptional live performance by the Toronto band The Weather Station.

Most bands do a couple things well… Tamara Lindeman and her crew nailed it with all of their songs, from rocking out and sounding like Stevie Nicks to classically picking the guitar on the meditative acoustic songs. Combined that with the fact the band just seemed absolutely polished with the exceptional acoustics, it was an opener set that ended too soon.

Check them out below on a song that isĀ still stuck in my head. Keep an eye on this band folks.