Submission: Hannah Kost – Tired of the Sunshine

Yes, I read submissions! This artist and her song grabbed my attention so I felt it necessary to reach out to her and see what he had to say about herself and her song.

I grew up in Santa Monica/Los Angeles (still live here) which I think definitely influenced the sound. It has a sort of lazy, summer, beach feel; but I also feel it isn’t necessarily all positive in the way we normally perceive the beach to be (clearly). I imagine when you’re looking at a beautiful sunset, but then notice the grit of sand between your hands and in your teeth…or something polluting the water. While it is aesthetically beautiful from afar, when you think about it, something feels “off.”  You’ve sat in the sun too long, and you feel heat stroke; you got too close to the painting and now see the strokes rather than the scene.. etc. I feel it has that kind of dichotomy which represents the outward beauty in LA, while simultaneously being somewhat shallow or unfulfilling underneath. Of course, your interpretation is just as good as mine. I hate to pigeon hole peoples’ interpretations from a song! But that’s where the idea for the song came from. 


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