Fyfe – Belong (feat. Kimbra)

I’ve been a fan of Kimbra for a long time. Of course everyone knows her from that Gotye hit that dominated 2011 out of nowhere, but she’s also amazingly talented in her own right. Unfortunately outside of getting some well-deserved recognition in Australia and New Zealand, she hasn’t really returned to the North America mainstream since.

However, she’s back on this great smooth and funky track with Fyfe called “Belong”. Her powerful, haunting voice complements fantastically with Paul Dixon’s (Fyfe) softer tone. There’s almost a dance between the two of them, looking for a sense of belonging with each other. The back and forth highlights an underlying  discord, perhaps a fight, but still an underlying love.

I want to belong
(Don’t you know we’re physical and we’re spiritual?)
I’m tired of being a stranger to myself
(I’m tired of all the hotel rooms waiting up for you)
I want to belong
(So let’s turn around from this ‘cause I’m tired of this but I won’t give up)
(Let’s give ourselves a chance together, we can make it last forever)

We’ve all been there. There’s a fight or argument, maybe somebody goes out for a walk or drive, or work/life gets in the way of settling things out… then there reaches a point where both people acknowledge that there’s a barrier or divide between them but still long for each other. They want this wall to go away, but it’s there. They both want the same thing but aren’t sure how to get there.



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