“Take Back Time” and feeling good about today

Full disclosure – I’m a sucker for modern tracks that pay homage to old musical eras.

In the fall of 2017, the British “collective” FAUX released a great jam “Take Back Time” that just screams late 80s/early 90s unbridled pop head bobbing and toe tapping. I’ve listened to it countless times and have yet to tire of it. Every once in a while I get so caught up, I’m thinking I’m listening to one of my throwback playlists.

Paradoxically, the lyrics are a lot more somber than it may sound:

Guess you could say I was afraid
promises a few too many
Said I’d give you something special

Give you all the reasons why I fell to hiding woah hiding woah

If I could take back time baby
Just so I could make you mine
I’d light the way
If i could change the clock and turn it back to yesterday
So you’d be mine again

Yeah, the tone of the song really doesn’t mesh with what sounds terrible, paralysing regret… but I don’t think that’s what the song is getting at.

Maybe it’s more about an oblique longing or reminiscing about a time that has passed by, and accepting it. If we live too much in the past and, against Oasis’s wishes, are looking back in anger, that’s not much of a life to live.

What is the solution to feeling good about today? There are all things in life we regret, and there’s a balance that we all strive to achieve: an ability to still feel, celebrate or mourn past experiences, but also an gaining an acceptance of what we’ve gone through that has helped build us into who we are today.

A lost flame.
The death of someone close.
A time or period in one’s life that has passed by and isn’t coming back.

I’m not trying to be a buzzkill this morning but experiences, life and events are all finite. They have beginnings, middles and ends. They all can seem fleeting, but they are also the reasons why they are so valuable.

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