Odessa and that feeling of déjà-vu

Déjà-vu is weird. We’ve all been there. I’ve got this odd type that I get with music once in a while. I’ll come across an artist, really like his/her/their song or album, and totally forget about them if they don’t release any content for a while. Later, I’ll serendipitously (and unintentionally) listen to a new release of theirs and get this unshakeable feeling of familiarity or just knowing them from somewhere. Then I’ll realise what just happened 🙂

Basically it’s digging an artist on two separate occasions without the previous bias of realising or knowing who they are… I guess that’s how you really know you’re into them, right?

This phenomenon happened to me with Odessa this month. I had listened to her debut self-titled album back in 2005, getting totally enamoured by her voice, especially “I Will Be There” and “Hummed Low”.

Then I stumbled upon her fresh new track that she actually just released prior to the new year, titled “Paradise”. Funny enough, it sounds a lot different from her previous work. On Odessa, it was a much more atmospheric, downtempo… on “Paradise” there’s a bit more of a pop/jazz feel with a definite throwback vibe. Oh yeah, it’s definitely an ear worm too.

Give it a listen. And I’m hoping this is the start of a lot more consistent content here… sorry for the hiatus, folks.

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