Unfortunately, adults aren’t much better. Everyone has their own agenda, the way each person interprets another’s actions are all over the place. It can happen anywhere — with school, work, in love, out of love, with family. Most of the time you can cope, once in a while, it’s almost unbearable. There’s a process of having to go through a smattering of emotions… confusion, sadness, anger, disappointment.

Most importantly, self-reflection is needed. Sometimes it takes time to figure out why one feels the way they do so strongly. It often takes longer to understand why the other party feels the way they do.

But then what do you do when you’re battling yourself? When parts of you want to move left, and other parts want to move right… the self-nation is divided.

Let this playlist accompany you when you’re on melancholy hill. Unplug for a bit, read a book. Maybe just stare and look at the ceiling. Good luck.

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