Under construction

In the process of moving to WordPress from Tumblr. Making the move for a number of reasons: more control over the layout, design of the site, and recently I’ve noticed some odd pop-up ads. Tumblr has been great for me — that domain is what got me (unexpectedly) catalogued on Hype Machine, and there’s a few dozen people (and/or bots?) that follow me. Alas, it’s time to turn to a place where I can make my site cleaner and more professional.

In the mean time, here’s a taste of what’s to come… an ‘under construction’ song, if you will. I feel like there’s a vast untapped market of playlists that could be made for people who are on hold on the phone, or waiting for something to load. Instead of getting sick of that old 1980s or terrible top-40 hit that play on repeat, you could listen to something like this… [courtesy of the great minds at Chillhop]

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